Bits and Bytes

The story of how the FBI was working feverishly to save the country’s youth from the subversive and obscene content of the song “Louie Louie.”

Protect Yourself Against Identify Theft, via The Tennessean.

Celebs tell their side of the story in UK phone hacking scandel.

Some stuff you can do with Google+ even if your friends don’t use it.

I’m a sucker for how-to’s and do-it-yourself guides so I loved this article on how to build a projector for your smart phone for about $1.

Forget the royalties…just give your book away, via Michael Hyatt’s excellent blog.

I found this article’s illustrations to be rather reassuring. New software can tell whether the picture has been photoshopped.

How to get more pages out of your printer when that stupid toner light starts blinking.

Righthaven, the so-called “copyright troll” is on the ropes.

My elementary school teacher was wrong. Chewing gum makes you smarter.

Nashville-based Lifeway is giving away mobile apps to 1,000 churches.


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