Nashville’s Hammock, Inc. Reinvents Itself as Content Developer/Provider for the Health Care Industry

The Tennessean had an interesting profile of Hammock, Inc’s CEO, Rex Hammock, in the Technology section of today’s paper. For most of its twenty years,  Hammock, Inc. was a successful custom magazine printing business. Mr. Hammock found himself reinventing the company after weathering the loss of one of its largest clients–a client that comprised about 40% of its business. Since re-imaging the business as a health-care content provider, Hammock, Inc. has several major clients in the health care business, including some of Nashville’s biggest health care companies, like HealthStream and HealthTrust. Hammock, Inc. now creates on-line content and apps for this sector, producing videos and launching technology-based platforms for corporate clients that include a few non-healthcare based companies. Rather than simply printing magazines, Hammock now uses technology and the content it develops to helps its customers develop deeper relationships with their customers after the sale is made. Rex Hammock describes a wiki Hammock is developing for Healthstream that allows it to connect all the different kinds of information that it has compiled with the people within its hospitals that actually need that information. The HealthStream Competency Statement Wiktionary should be up and running early next year.

But Rex Hammock has other interests as well. He is widely regarded as technology pioneer, jumping into Twitter early enough to have the Twitter handle, “R,” and having the foresight to acquire the domain name “,” an on-line wiki he runs that has generated more than 26 million page views since he launched it five years ago. He uses as a laboratory to work on other types of businesses and to learn how customers want to see and access information. His thoughts on using social networking to develop relationships with his customers and other CEOs are well worth the read.  And while you’re at it, check out’s website. To celebrate its 20th birthday, it is giving away a free 2012 Content and Marketing Budgeting Guide that you might find useful.


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