After His Victory Against Curb Records This Week, Tim McGraw Announces that He Will Release His First Music Without Curb

In the latest salvo between Tim McGraw and his estranged label, Curb Records, McGraw announced that next week he will release his first song, “Christmas Around the World,” with no involvement or help from Curb. Until a ruling by Davidson County Chancellor Russell Perkins this week, McGraw was still bound by a five-record deal with Curb that had stretched out for more than 20 years because Curb required a minimum wait of 18 months between projects. Since Curb had the ability to also release previously recorded material, such as “Greatest Hits” collections, ect., McGraw maintains that the waiting period had the effect of making it take an inordinate amount of time for McGraw to fulfill the five album deal–20 years and counting. The other issues in the lawsuit between McGraw and Curb–whether McGraw breached the record contract or is due a $1.5 million advance for the album Emotional Traffic will be decided in a trial this summer. After its loss in court last week, Curb announced that it would release the Emotional Traffic album in January, even though it continues to maintain that that project does not count towards McGraw’s five album total because it was recorded sooner that 18 months after the release of other McGraw material and therefore is not “fresh” enough.


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