Tennessee Supreme Court Launches New Website to Give the Average Person Access to Justice


The Tennessee Supreme Court has launched an excellent new website, http://www.justiceforalltn.com, that aims to make justice more accessible to the average Tennessean. While the introduction to the website states that it is always best to talk to a lawyer about your particular legal problem, the website offers resources for those that have no choice but to represent themselves in the Tennessee court system. It contains the applicable statutes, rules, and forms for many common problems that Tennesseans face: child support and divorce, worker’s compensation issues, entitlement to unemployment benefits, the loss of one’s driver’s license, and immigration issues, just to name a few. The page also contains general information about Tennessee’s court system and how to find a lawyer. Lawyers will find it useful as well. It is a central repository for many court forms and contains links to all of Tennessee’s major bar associations. The court also encourages folks to provide suggestions as to additional material that should be included so let them know if you see something missing. I have added it to this blog’s links and encourage you to check it out.


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