Bits and Bytes

Meet the woman who made men swoon in 1940s cinema, and also secretly invented Wi-Fi technology. via @Techland.

Finally! Someone is tackling the serious issues….Rap Genius Decodes Lyrics for the Masses, via Businessweek.

Who needs a Coach When You Have These Shoes? Adidas Bets on a Soccer-Shoe-with-a-Chip, via Businessweek.

The Dilution Revolution: Two Key 2011 TTAB Opinions.

Makeup Retailer Sephora Settles Photographer’s IP Suit Over Ad Campaign.

 Did Angelina Jolie Steal the Plot For Her Latest Movie ‘Blood And Honey’? There’s a Plaintiff Out There That Says She Did.

Fabric Company Asks the 9th Circuit To Revive Aeropostale IP Suits.

I Have to Say, I’ve Wondered This Myself: Is It The Beginning of the End for Facebook? via @Techland.

This caught my eye because my teenage daughter is obsessed with this site: Why Image-Sharing Network Pinterest Is Hot – Businessweek

“Moneyball Marketing:” Why Geeks Are the Best Marketers, via Businessweek.


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