ESPN Reporter Erin Andrews Sues Nashville Hotel For Negligence, Invasion of Privacy over Stalking Incident and Stalker’s Release of Secret Video on Web

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews filed an invasion of privacy lawsuit in Davidson County Circuit Court last week accusing the West End Marriot of invasion of privacy, negligePicturence, and emotional distress stemming from a well-publicized incident in which an individual named Michael Barrett secretly videotaped her in the nude in 2008 and publicized it on the Internet. Barret, who is also a defendant in the lawsuit, was convicted of stalking Ms. Andrews in 2010, and was sentenced to two and half years in federal prison. Andrews is seeking $10 million in damages in the suit–$6 million from the Marriot and $4 million from Barrett. The Complaint alleges that Barrett called the Marriot and was told Ms. Andrew’s room number which enabled him to rent the room next to hers. Barrett then removed the peephole from Andrew’s hotel room door and filmed her without her knowledge as she was changing clothes. Andrews initially filed the lawsuit last year and withdrew it in order to file separate lawsuits in each of the cities where she was stalked and recorded by Barrett.


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