Bits and Bytes

Wait, did Dunder Mifflin just became a real company? Here are 6 brands that went from fiction to reality.

Here we go again: a science fiction writer sues James Cameron and his production company claiming they ripped off the idea of the movie Avatar from him.

Procter & Gamble chose the name “Pringles” from a phone book. They liked the name of Pringle Drive in Finneytown, OH.

Gusto Records sues the Kingsmen, claiming they owe in excess of $200,000 dollars in royalties from the song, Louie Louie, which the FBI once believed was obscene and later determined was “unintelligible at any speed.”

How To: Keep Your Twitter Followers.

The producer of reality TV shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette sues the spoiler website,, alleging that it has offered money to members of the shows’ cast and crew to leak the details about upcoming episodes in violation of their confidentiality contracts and despite repeated warnings to stop.

Although they thought it was brilliant yesterday, today the folks at Forbes think that Amazon’s promotion for its price checking app was a rare blunder.

AT&T and the Justice Department agree to postpone the lawsuit over T-Mobile merger.

Supposedly fewer people went to the movies in the past two weekends than during the box-office coma that followed 9/11.


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