Bits and Bytes

How To Build A Tween Heartthrob. You need really good hair and a smart manager.

Vanderbilt bulks up its technology transfer group. These are the people charged with identifying, protecting and commercializing the inventions and technological advances made by Vandy doctors, scientists, and engineer, via the Nashville Post.

Facebook refuses to recognize the Irish village, Effin, deeming its name “offensive.” One Effin woman won’t take this sitting down. This blog proudly stands with all the Effin people.

Speaking of Facebook, Tennessee gangsters are using it to brag about their exploits and recruit new members.

The Supreme Court affirms the “clear and convincing” evidence standard to invalidate US patents.

Lawsuit Serves Up IP Lessons For Restaurateurs (and all businesses): 1) require your personnel to sign confidentiality agreements and non-competes; 2) Make sure you have policy manuals that clearly define procedures and expectations of your staff with regard to confidential information; and 3) If your recipes are confidential, limit access to those recipes. The same holds true with all your trade secrets. Mark them confidential and only reveal them to key employees on a need-to-know basis.

How To: Improve Your SEO With Twitter.

The 10 Most Overused LinkedIn Profile Buzzwords of 2011.

We are just kidding! Abercrombie Wants ‘Jersey Shore’ Star’s IP Suit Nixed, relying on the parody defense.

Judge allows auction of Righthaven copyright assets. Is it the beginning of the end for the so-called copyright troll?


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