Bits and Bytes

I hate to tell you this but your credit card info can be bought for mere dollars at an online “eBay-like” auction site for criminals.
Do you know how to check out an e-book from the library?

Why e-reading with your kid can impede learning.

Will the 9th Circuit reverse its decision that the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act applies to employees?

Five easy ways to get fired over your Facebook posts.

According to a federal judge in Maryland, Tweets are free speech, not cyberstalking, because unlike other types of stalking, tweets can be ignored.

Teens (and anyone else for that matter) can now report suicidal behavior of friends via Facebook chat where trained professional are available to help.

Facebook denied dismissal in “unwitting sponsors” class action. This case was brought by Facebook users who believe they should be compensated for endorsing products via Facebook’s “like” feature.


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