Bits and Bytes

The Seven Habits of Spectacularly Unsuccessful Executives – Forbes

Amen to this. Why Best Buy is Going out of Business…Gradually – Forbes

iDoneThis helps you build better habits in the new year by connecting you with others who have the same goals.

How to Live a Creative Life – Martin Scorsese.

Richard Prince Lawsuit Focuses on Limits of Appropriation and Fair Use, via The New York Times.

Why 2012 will be year of the artist-entrepreneur.

Copyright and the 1st Amendment – How do they work together?

How Universities Fail Women Inventors – Businessweek.

This excellent post on was written by this blog’s friend and first guest star, Brian Wassom. 5 Predictions for Social Media Law in 2012.

This blog is honored to be mentioned in same breath with these women: Tip of The Tiara to Influential Women In Music 2012. Thanks, Janet!

Did the New Year sneak up on you? Watch my firm’s (Bass, Berry & Sims) New Year’s wish for you. See if you can spot me in the video. Hint: it was a curly hair day. And Happy New Year!


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