Trademark Poll: Do You Agree?

Does “Charbucks” dilute “Starbucks”? Answer: No. when all was said and done, Starbucks was unable to prove that there was a substantial likelihood that the “Mister Charbucks” mark would dilute the “Starbucks” mark by blurring. After looking at these pictures, it’s hard to believe this dispute has stretched out for more than 14 years.

Does the use of a rhino head on handguns unfairly compete with the use of a rhino head on “gentlemen’s clubs”? Answer: No. The adult entertainment field and the manufacture of handguns are “vastly different” areas and the strip club owner couldn’t show any incidents of actual confusion or that “any reasonable consumer” was likely to be confused.

Does digitally adding recognizable pictures of the plaintiff’s furniture to an empty room in a TV show amount to trademark infringement? Answer: No. The plaintiff failed to allege or prove that the defendants competed in furniture design or marketing or that any member of the public would believe that the allegedly infringed  furniture pieces were designed or offered by defendants.


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