Bits and Bytes

After a Sixth Circuit decision this week, Sony/ATV owns the copyrights to some of the great Roger Miller’s works, including one of my all time favorite songs, the iconic “King of the Road.” The case turned on the question of who owned the renewal rights to the works–Sony as Roger Miller’s assignee, or Roger Miller Music, Miller’s widow’s assignee. The Sixth Circuit reversed a roughly $900,00 verdict for Roger Miller Music, finding that Sony owned the renewal rights and was entitled to the ownership and royalty income from the works.

Justin Beiber was Sued in Florida Over “Joustin Beaver” Mobile Phone App. The plaintiff seeks declaratory judgment of non-infringement, non-dilution, and a determination that it is merely lawfully exercising its First Amendment rights. The Beibs has not weighed in yet but this seems like a great publicity stunt for the App…

Fuel Clothing Co. sues Nike in South Carolina, claiming Nike’s use of “Fuel” infringes its trademarks.

The 2012 Defense Act May Make it Difficult for Defense Contractors to Protect Their IP.


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