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After a Sixth Circuit decision this week, Sony/ATV owns the copyrights to some of the great Roger Miller’s works, including one of my all time favorite songs, the iconic “King of the Road.” The case turned on the question of who owned the renewal rights to the works–Sony as Roger Miller’s assignee, or Roger Miller Music, Miller’s widow’s assignee. The Sixth Circuit reversed a roughly $900,00 verdict for Roger Miller Music, finding that Sony owned the renewal rights and was entitled to the ownership and royalty income from the works.

Justin Beiber was Sued in Florida Over “Joustin Beaver” Mobile Phone App. The plaintiff seeks declaratory judgment of non-infringement, non-dilution, and a determination that it is merely lawfully exercising its First Amendment rights. The Beibs has not weighed in yet but this seems like a great publicity stunt for the App…

Fuel Clothing Co. sues Nike in South Carolina, claiming Nike’s use of “Fuel” infringes its trademarks.

The 2012 Defense Act May Make it Difficult for Defense Contractors to Protect Their IP.

Bits and Bytes

Madonna and “Girls Gone Wild“…Trademark Infringement or Publicity Stunt?

10 Tips for Creating a Social Media Policy for Your Business…

5 Simple Ways to Take Better Pictures, No Matter How Cheap Your Camera Is…

Do This Before You Get To The Fun Items on Your Bucket List…

Chattanooga, Tennessee Designs its Very Own Typeface….

7 Wildly Successful People Who Survived Bankruptcy

2011 Media Law Year in Review….

5 Reasons Teenagers Act the Way They Do….(Other Than the Fact That They Are Contractually Obligated to Do So…)


Bits and Bytes

The Seven Habits of Spectacularly Unsuccessful Executives – Forbes

Amen to this. Why Best Buy is Going out of Business…Gradually – Forbes

iDoneThis helps you build better habits in the new year by connecting you with others who have the same goals.

How to Live a Creative Life – Martin Scorsese.

Richard Prince Lawsuit Focuses on Limits of Appropriation and Fair Use, via The New York Times.

Why 2012 will be year of the artist-entrepreneur.

Copyright and the 1st Amendment – How do they work together?

How Universities Fail Women Inventors – Businessweek.

This excellent post on was written by this blog’s friend and first guest star, Brian Wassom. 5 Predictions for Social Media Law in 2012.

This blog is honored to be mentioned in same breath with these women: Tip of The Tiara to Influential Women In Music 2012. Thanks, Janet!

Did the New Year sneak up on you? Watch my firm’s (Bass, Berry & Sims) New Year’s wish for you. See if you can spot me in the video. Hint: it was a curly hair day. And Happy New Year!

Bits and Bytes

I hate to tell you this but your credit card info can be bought for mere dollars at an online “eBay-like” auction site for criminals.
Do you know how to check out an e-book from the library?

Why e-reading with your kid can impede learning.

Will the 9th Circuit reverse its decision that the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act applies to employees?

Five easy ways to get fired over your Facebook posts.

According to a federal judge in Maryland, Tweets are free speech, not cyberstalking, because unlike other types of stalking, tweets can be ignored.

Teens (and anyone else for that matter) can now report suicidal behavior of friends via Facebook chat where trained professional are available to help.

Facebook denied dismissal in “unwitting sponsors” class action. This case was brought by Facebook users who believe they should be compensated for endorsing products via Facebook’s “like” feature.

Bits and Bytes

How To Build A Tween Heartthrob. You need really good hair and a smart manager.

Vanderbilt bulks up its technology transfer group. These are the people charged with identifying, protecting and commercializing the inventions and technological advances made by Vandy doctors, scientists, and engineer, via the Nashville Post.

Facebook refuses to recognize the Irish village, Effin, deeming its name “offensive.” One Effin woman won’t take this sitting down. This blog proudly stands with all the Effin people.

Speaking of Facebook, Tennessee gangsters are using it to brag about their exploits and recruit new members.

The Supreme Court affirms the “clear and convincing” evidence standard to invalidate US patents.

Lawsuit Serves Up IP Lessons For Restaurateurs (and all businesses): 1) require your personnel to sign confidentiality agreements and non-competes; 2) Make sure you have policy manuals that clearly define procedures and expectations of your staff with regard to confidential information; and 3) If your recipes are confidential, limit access to those recipes. The same holds true with all your trade secrets. Mark them confidential and only reveal them to key employees on a need-to-know basis.

How To: Improve Your SEO With Twitter.

The 10 Most Overused LinkedIn Profile Buzzwords of 2011.

We are just kidding! Abercrombie Wants ‘Jersey Shore’ Star’s IP Suit Nixed, relying on the parody defense.

Judge allows auction of Righthaven copyright assets. Is it the beginning of the end for the so-called copyright troll?

Bits and Bytes

Wait, did Dunder Mifflin just became a real company? Here are 6 brands that went from fiction to reality.

Here we go again: a science fiction writer sues James Cameron and his production company claiming they ripped off the idea of the movie Avatar from him.

Procter & Gamble chose the name “Pringles” from a phone book. They liked the name of Pringle Drive in Finneytown, OH.

Gusto Records sues the Kingsmen, claiming they owe in excess of $200,000 dollars in royalties from the song, Louie Louie, which the FBI once believed was obscene and later determined was “unintelligible at any speed.”

How To: Keep Your Twitter Followers.

The producer of reality TV shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette sues the spoiler website,, alleging that it has offered money to members of the shows’ cast and crew to leak the details about upcoming episodes in violation of their confidentiality contracts and despite repeated warnings to stop.

Although they thought it was brilliant yesterday, today the folks at Forbes think that Amazon’s promotion for its price checking app was a rare blunder.

AT&T and the Justice Department agree to postpone the lawsuit over T-Mobile merger.

Supposedly fewer people went to the movies in the past two weekends than during the box-office coma that followed 9/11.

Bits and Bytes

Nashville’s Gibson Guitar heads back to court seeking the return of the Indian ebony wood seized by federal agents nearly two years ago. UPDATE: Hearing postponed at request of both sides.

Google+ launches face recognition technology. Don’t worry, you can opt out if you want to.

Amazon’s very clever move…If you use their price-checking app while in another retailer’s store, you get a discount if you order the item later on Amazon.

Tennessee joins 10 other states trying to collect sales tax on internet sales.

TN couple starts new website to help with adoptions: A Middle Tennessee couple has started a website to help would-be parents bring home their children.

Have the .xxx domain names been an obvious failure?

Humbled Netflix CEO is still thinking and talking big despite widespread agreement that the decisions made during the last five months or so have been something of a flop.

Bits and Bytes

Coca-Cola moves its top-secret formula from a bank vault for the first time in 86 years to a new vault at Coke’s Atlanta museum. Could this be a ploy to remove the recent branding disaster over the Christmas-themed Coke cans from the news?

Musicians who are not posting videos to Facebook are missing 60 million viewers.

An enterprising Nashville blogger stirs up a massive holiday cookie bake-off.

Congrats to Nashville’s 2012 ATHENA Award nominees.

Time’s Top 10 Everything of 2011.

Everything you need to know about the new Twitter. And, along these same lines, How To Use Twitter: A Simple Infographic & Slideshow for the newbie.

FindLaw doubles its Twitter followers in 90 days after buying “Who to Follow” designation on Twitter.  Just how much does a Twitter follower cost anyway?

Who Owns an Employee’s Twitter and Other Online Accounts?

Congressman Rick Larsen (D-Wash.) fires three staffers after they tweet about office drinking and their “idiot boss”.

Lawmakers release draft alternative to Stop Online Piracy Act .

How to Be a Social Media Power Influencer (And Why) – Forbes.

Bits and Bytes

Memphis cops are valiantly fighting crime using….smartphones.

Twitter introduces what is supposedly a simpler new design today.

Department of Justice confirms the launching of an antitrust probe into the pricing of e-books. Was there improper collusion between publishers and Apple to prevent discounting?

“Like My Status” was Facebook’s breakout meme of 2011. There are some advantages to having teenagers because I already knew these. Here are Facebook’s most popular status topics of 2011 as well.

The news keeps getting worse for RIM: the mobile phone maker was forced to change the name of its mission critical next generation mobile platform after losing a trademark case in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “BBX” is out, “Blackberry 10” is in.

Sadly, Barbara Orbison, the widow of rock-and-roll great Roy Orbison, passed away from pancreatic cancer in Los Angeles the day before yesterday, which was the 23rd anniversary of her husband’s death. Ms. Orbison’s Nashville-based music publishing company, Still Working Music, was recently awarded BMI’s 2010 Song of the Year for Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me”. Ms. Orbison shrewdly ran Still Working from all over the world and was able to spot and sign successful and talented songwiters, like  Liz Rose, Billy Burnette and Tommy Lee James — all of whom scored  with No. 1 hits for various country artists.

Mike Jameson, the former Metro Councilman and sitting General Sessions Court judge, will face competition from attorneys Rachel Bell and Jack Byrd in the Democratic Party primary in March.

Bits and Bytes

Facebook has yet another privacy SNAFU. For a time there, you could even see Mark Zuckerberg’s private photos.

Clever Branding Can Transform Your Company, Even If You’re Selling the Same Old Stuff Everyone Else Is.

What to Do If Your Business Gets Hacked. This article provides a decent starting place. More on Data Security: How to Protect Your Employees’ SmartPhones from a Data Breach.

MusicRow is reporting that Karen Oertley has stepped down from her post as executive director of Leadership Music. Oertley replaced Kira Florita less than two years ago, via

This is sooo true. I Don’t Understand What Anyone Is Saying Anymore, via Dan Pallotta of the  Harvard Business Review:

Is the “Brain Drain” Now Headed in the Other Direction? Is the World’s Talent Leaving the US?

Franklin, Tennessee’s  PureSafety, a provider of health and medical management software, has been acquired by Underwriters Laboratories, a global company out of Northbrook, Ill. The business is expected to stay in Franklin.

Congratulations to Nashville’s Sharon Edwards, CFO of brokerage Willis North America, who was named by industry magazine Business Insurance as one of its 25 ‘Women to Watch’ based on her “leadership, professional achievement and market influence,”  via

In more local business news, Gibson Guitar has purchased a suite of Florida-based companies that specialize in professional audio equipment, and created a new division — Gibson Pro Audio — based in Nashville.

Social Media is the “great equalizer” for small businesses.

The Nashville Predators are worth more than last year but still are bringing up the rear of the NHL.

Which carrier do you suppose has the fastest downloading and uploading cellular service in Nashville? Unfortunately, it is not mine.