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I’d love to hear from you. Understand, however, that just because you email me or speak to me on the phone does not mean that you are my client or that I am your lawyer. There is no attorney/client relationship between us in the absence of a signed engagement letter from me. If you do email me or leave me a voice message, do not include any personal information about yourself or your organization, other than your name, phone number or email address. Do not include any information that you would consider to be confidential. The opinions expressed here are my own and do not reflect those of my firm. The information provided in this blog is for entertainment and informational purposes only. Do not rely upon it for legal advice. You should always consult a lawyer in your own jurisdiction that is competent in the area of the law involved in your situation.

You can call me at 615-200-8248

Or email me using the form below (BUT DON’T ENTER ANY CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION):


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